Residential and Domestic fire sprinklers are pretty similar in that they both use the same heads and pipe and are both included in the same British Standard (BS 9251). There are however some differences as detailed below-

Residential Sprinklers -

A Residential system is required in property that is used as a shared residence with shared access and living space, this applies to homes for the elderly, care homes, some student accommodation and Houses of Multiple occupancy in Scotland and the UK. Residential systems are generally larger than domestic systems and require enough pressure and water to supply 4 heads at once for 30 minutes running time. More often than not a large tank and a pump is required to supply the water and pressure needed and commonly this tank is housed outdoors.

Domestic Sprinklers -

A Domestic system is usually smaller in size than a residential system and suited to single dwellings such as a family home or apartment. Some HMO properties can be fitted with a domestic rather than a residential system if they were originally single family homes or apartments, the authority having jurisdiction in Scotland will determine which system is adequate and can be installed in any particular property. The British Standard states domestic systems should have enough pressure and water to supply 2 sprinkler heads at once for 10 minutes running time.

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H2OFireSprinklers Ltd are fully qualified and trained to install residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems and provide a first class service to all our customers no matter how big or small the job.

Our head office is located in Edinburgh and we can supply our services to customers in Edinburgh, Lothians, Glasgow, Fife, Perth, Stirling, Dundee and throughout Scotland.

Unlike many other companies H2O can provide not only the sprinklers but a full service to customers including structural engineering reports, compliance and warrant submission and any building work required.

All our installations comply with the British Standard for Residential and Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems BS 9251 unless otherwise stated.

Services available include -

  • Initial free inspection and quotation.
  • Detailed drawings prepared.
  • Structural engineer reports for Building Control.
  • Building Warrant applications.
  • Full design and hydraulic calculations.
  • Complete supply and installation including all plumbing and electrical work.
  • Certificate of Compliance issued.
  • Renewable 12 month warranty.
  • Yearly inspection and maintenance.



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