Fire sprinklers are the most effective and efficient safety devices known to man.

Did you know….

Fire Sprinklers are used more than any other fixed fire protection system and there are over 40 million heads fitted around the world each year.

Loses from fires in property adequately protected by sprinkler systems are estimated to be 1/10 of those in unprotected buildings.

In residential property fully protected by a fire sprinkler system :

  • 99% of fires were controlled by the sprinklers alone.

  • Over 90% of fires controlled by the activation of just one head.


 Residential and Domestic fire sprinklers are pretty similar in that they can both use the same heads and pipe and are both included in the same British Standard (BS 9251). There are however some differences as detailed below-


A Domestic system is usually smaller in size than a residential system and suited to single dwellings such as a family home or apartments. Some HMO properties can be fitted with domestic systems rather than a residential systems if they were originally single family homes or apartments, the authority having jurisdiction will determine which system is adequate and is required to be installed in any particular property. The British Standard states domestic systems should have enough pressure and water flow to supply 2 sprinkler heads in any one room operating at once for 10 minutes running time.



A Residential system is required in property that is used as a shared residence with shared access and living space, this applies to homes for the elderly, care homes, some student accommodation and Houses of Multiple occupancy in Scotland and throughout the UK. Residential systems are generally larger than domestic systems and require enough pressure and water to supply between 2 and 4 heads at once for 30 minutes running time. More often than not a large tank and a pump is required to supply the water and pressure needed and commonly this tank is housed outdoors.


40 Million fire sprinkler heads fitted worldwide every year


Remember, installing these systems can reduce your insurance premiums. Fire sprinklers are generally excepted to be the single most effective way of fighting fires in their early stages, a properly installed system can not only extinguish a fire but more importantly alert residents and give them time to escape. Generally designed and installed for life safety, they will also massively help in the protection of property in the event of a blaze.

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