Fire Doors and Fire Rated Glazing


What are fire doors ?.

Fire doors play an integral part in the overall safety of any property (passive fire protection), they must be correctly specified, installed and maintained in order to protect those whom live in or use the property at any time day or night. These doors are made up of components that enable it to slow down the spread of fire and smoke between compartments for a time frame specified by an architect or authority having jurisdiction i.e 30 mins, 60 mins, 90mins, 120 mins. The component elements that make up a fire door are the frame, door leaf, fire rated hardware and intumescent strips with smoke seals and they should all include test evidence (BS 476 part 22 or BS EN 1634 part 1) that would come in the form of a stamp, sticker and/or paper documentation. The hardware should include fire rated hinges and door closers to ensure the door is closed at all times other than when passing through. Fire doors are generally 44mm or more in thickness and can be made up of various materials.

What are intumescent strips ?

Intumescent strips work by expanding up to 40 times there normal size when the temperature reaches over 100°C and thereby fill the gap between the door and frame and stop flames and smoke from passing, the smoke seals prevent smoke from passing even if the temperature has not activated the intumescent strip expansion. Intumescent strips with smoke seals (brushes) should either be fitted around the frame or routered into the door itself and usually come either 10mm or 15mm thick, after installing the intumescent strips the installer must ensure the door closes fully by way of the installed closer.

What hardware on a fire door ?

If any part of a fire door set does not perform under fire conditions then the whole fire door set is compromised. Hinges, closers, latches, locks and handles must all be fire rated in order to preserve the integrity of the door set. For example if the hinges are not fire rated then under fire conditions the hinges may fail and release the door and therefore fail to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, it is therefore essential to ensure that all parts of the door are appropriately rated and fitted correctly.

What does FD30 and FD60 mean?

Fire door assemblies are rated in minutes and prefixed with the letters ‘FD’, ‘FD30′ will give 30 minutes integrity and ‘FD60′ 60 minutes integrity. Also available are doors rated at ‘FD90′ and ‘FD120′ which will give 90 minutes and 120 minutes integrity respectively.

What if the door is part glazed ?

If a door has glazing or there is an area above the door with glazing then these parts also require to be fire rated in order to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Glazing is rated similar to a solid fire door in that it should have 30 minutes or 60 minutes integrity, essentially the beading or frame holding the glazing in place must also have the same integrity as the glazing itself. There is no point in having 30 mins fire resistant glazing if the beading holding the glass in place burns quickly and the glass just falls out. Commonly, high density hardwood is used for beading to hold the glazing in place and an intumescent sealant between the glazing and hardwood is installed.

Fire doors are ugly, why cant i use my existing doors ?

A common misconception is that fire doors are dull blank looking doors with no character, quite to the contrary nowadays they come in almost all the same designs as non-fire rated doors. The general difference is just the thickness of the door and what it is made of, as above the whole door set must meet the required integrity
but that can simply mean replacing the hinges and hardware and installing intumescent strips in some cases. Existing doors can be upgraded to meet the required integrity using various materials on the market today, these include intumescent varnishes and fire tested veneered panels along with new fire rated hardware that when fitted correctly can turn an existing door into a fire rated door without changing the aesthetics of the existing door.




What we can provide.

Our joiners will fully install your fire doors or upgrade your existing doors to a 30 min or 1 hour rating, all our doors come with intumescent strips with smoke seals, self closers, fire rated hinges and any other door furniture requested. We can supply almost any door of your choosing including but not limited too, 4 or 6 panel pre-primed, panelled wood effect or flat face blank fire doors and of course we will dispose of your old doors free of charge.


Most HMO properties now require 30 min fire rated doors and certain types of locks, closers and hinges, HMOs can also be required to have certain glass lights i.e glass above door, to be fire rated and we can supply and install 1 hour fire rated glazing with hardwood beading and intumescent fire strip to bring any glazing up to HMO standard.


  • 30 min or 1 hour rated
  • Pre-primed or wood effect
  • Panelled or blank
  • Intumescent strips with smoke seals
  • Various different types of closer
  • Fire rated hinges
  • 1 hour fire rated glazing
  • Handles, deadlocks, thumbturn quick escape locks


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